Grant Castleberry



I currently serve as the Executive Director of CBMW and an Assistant Pastor at Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky. I am married to GraceAnna Castleberry and we have three children. I am also a PhD student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Church History.


I am a follower of Jesus Christ. God saved me when I was a young boy as a result of a Marine Corps plane crash which took my father’s life in 1986. My dad, Kelly Castleberry, was a committed follower of Christ, who even as a fighter pilot, was beginning to feel God’s call on his life into an evangelistic ministry. You can read more about him here.

In 1990 my mom remarried a very godly man named Preston Abbott, who raised me as his own son. It was Preston, who discipled me, taught me to study the Bible, and how to be a man of character. In short, I am proud to carry on the legacy of two fathers.

God’s Call to Ministry

While in junior high in Dallas, Texas, our church Scofield Memorial Church hosted a junior high evangelistic program called 5th Quarter to all junior high students after Lake Highlands High School football games three times a football season. Normally about 1,000 students would attend.

One week, while I was in eighth grade, out of the blue our youth pastor asked me to share the evangelistic message at the end of next 5th Quarter. I was stunned and a bit nervous. Normally an evangelist was brought in from outside the church to share the gospel. But I knew I could not back away from this challenge. I wanted to share Christ with my lost friends.

Finally the night came, and at the end of 5th Quarter, I stood up and presented a combination of my testimony and the Romans Road. It seemed like I spoke for eternity, but it was probably 10 minutes. When I finished, I issued a call to surrender to Christ. Several students raised their hands. Afterwards an older man approached me and asked me if I had ever considered God’s call to pastoral ministry. I told him that I had not, but that I would pray about it.

Over the next few years in junior high and high school, I led various campus Bible studies and FCA events. It was while in high school though, that my dad introduced me to the ministry of John MacArthur.

I started listening to Grace to You broadcasts while I would do the dishes each night after dinner and football practice. I remember looking out our back window over our sink and my life being transformed by the doctrines MacArthur was unfolding from Scripture. I realized in those years 2001-2003, that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life–to study and unfold the Scriptures in pastoral ministry.


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